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LiteSpeed Quick-Ship Service

Fixtures in this program ship within 10 business days of a cleared ordered.

Doyle Conservation Center
Leominster, MA
HKT Architects Somerville, MA
Charles Mayer Photography

Wall SAE

Fairview Elementary School
High Point, Greenboro, NC
Architects – J. Hyatt Hammond Associates, Inc.
Charles Mayer Photography

SAE 9800 slots

John Spoor Broome Library
Camarillo, CA
Foster + Partners
Gruen & Associates
Paul Turang Photography

SAE 9700

Vinal Elementary School
Norwell, MA
Charles Mayer Photography



Through the LiteSpeed Quick-Ship Service, you have access to a wide variety of high quality Litecontrol fixtures, available to ship within 10 business days after receipt of cleared order.

Features, Terms & Conditions

  • Shipment within 10 business days from receipt of a released, cleared order, allow 1 day for processing.
  • Orders and emails should be clearly labeled LiteSpeed.
  • LS” prefix required in front of the standard catalog number to designate a LiteSpeed product.
  • Standard terms & conditions (marking, packaging and shipping methods) apply.
  • Field adjustable aircraft cable mounting provided on all pendant fixtures. Stems not available.
  • Ballast determined by Litecontrol.
  • Products finished textured matte white (TCWM) and matte white (CWM) only.
  • Not all options are available for 10-day shipment. Please consult the product technical sheets at to verify availability.
  • Changes or cancellations are not permitted after the order has been released and the order acknowledgement has been sent.
  • Large order sizes may not be available for 10-day shipment due to changing production schedules.  Please contact Litecontrol to confirm lead-time availability for quantities over 50.
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