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Mod Family Update

Wall/Slot 6000 - LED
ZipCar Boston, MA

Mod Family Updates  Mod 22

Mod44 Wall/Wash and Custom Indirect/Direct
Federal Center South Seattle, WA

Mod 46 and Nexus
Susitna Valley Jr./Sr. High School Talkeetna, AK

Staklite 500
Thompson Library, Ohio State University

Thompson Library, Ohio State University

Sector M5
Zipcar Boston, MA

With 75 years of experience, Litecontrol remains committed to the idea that a given space with a given purpose requires its own lighting solution. A solution that provides the proper quantity and quality of light, while reflecting sustainable practices.

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Featured Products

Mod 22 Recessed Staggered

Litecontrol's smallest Mod is now available in a recessed staggered lamp product for use in grid, drywall and plaster ceilings. see details


Aerial is a primarily direct pendant family that provides an excellent balance of performance and value with a signature illuminated end cap. Wall-mounted fixture now available. see details

Mod 44 LED Direct

Mod 44 fixtures now available with LED sources in two output levels. LED also available in wall and recessed products. see details

Wall Mod LED

Wall Mod L42 is an ADA-compliant extruded aluminum LED luminaire. Available in three output levels and four color temperatures, with an optional high performance specular reflector. see details

Featured Applications

School and University

School and University

At Litecontrol, we design our lighting solutions for K-12 and higher education facilities to help satisfy the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. see details



Litecontrol's long-standing emphasis on high quality lighting of architectural surfaces serves the healthcare application particularly well. Our perimeter and cove lighting systems help to create pleasant, comfortable public spaces for patients and visitors. see details

Mod Family Update