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Manufacturing Capabilities video

Mod44 Wall/Wash and Custom Indirect/Direct
Federal Center South Seattle, WA

Wall/Slot 6000 - LED
ZipCar Boston, MA

Mod 46 and Nexus
Susitna Valley Jr./Sr. High School Talkeetna, AK

Staklite 500
Thompson Library, Ohio State University

Sector M5
Zipcar Boston, MA

With 75 years of experience, Litecontrol remains committed to the idea that a given space with a given purpose requires its own lighting solution. A solution that provides the proper quantity and quality of light, while reflecting sustainable practices.

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Featured Products

Litewave HF LED

Litewave HF LED comes standard with a hinged center media tray allowing for specification of a variety of center diffuser types.  see details

Litewave HE LED

Recessed enclosed LED fixture with high efficiency extruded acrylic one-piece diffuser. see details

Knife L11

Knife LED pendant ID fixture with Vi (variable intensity) technology, features sharp angles for more contemporary spaces as well as continuous diffusers providing a seamless line of light.  see details

Rail L12

Rail LED pendant ID with Vi (variable intensity) technology features a classic form with a clean reveal for depth and shadow as well as continuous diffusers providing a seamless line of light.  see details

Featured Applications

School and University

School and University

At Litecontrol, we design our lighting solutions for K-12 and higher education facilities to help satisfy the needs of students, teachers, and administrators. see details



Office lighting demands solutions that deliver the light levels needed in a highly efficient way, while providing glare and shadow free environments. The office environment balances the need for efficiency and productivity with the need for pleasant and comfortable work spaces. see details

Manufacturing Capabilities video