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Sector: High Performance from a Simple Shape

October 19, 2011

Sector provides high performance in a pendant, indirect/direct fixture. Sector is sized for T8 lamps and is optically designed to provide peak intensity as low as 120˚. The Sector provides a distribution of 65% uplight and 35% downlight. Optional optical components can be added to alter the distribution for 35% uplight with 65% downlight, 20% uplight with 80% downlight, or 100% downlight.

Sector is Cradle to Cradle Silver Certified and with fixture efficiencies of 90% and higher, it enables substantial energy savings. A fixture-integrated photosensor is available, as part of our CS/dlh daylight harvesting Control Solution. Additionally, Sector is available with the choice of either a white blade baffle or a soft glow lens. This simple rectilinear design is suitable for classroom and other school and university applications.